International – Bolivia

We are just now getting the ball rolling on a water related project in  Bolivia in partnership with Engineers in Action (A local non-profit humanitarian group). In this 5 year commitment we will:

  1. Identify a new water source for a high needs village in the Chosco province.
  2. Dig wells or construct a spring box.
  3. Design a potable water conveyance system.
  4. Create a curriculum to help ensure the longevity of the works for many years.

Domestic – Navajo Nation

Each semester we have a reoccurring project we do in collaboration with the Greater Salt Lake Engineers without Borders chapter and the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners area of Utah.

In the past we have worked on anything from rain-water harvesters and spring boxes, to installing handicap bathroom accessories. We are also excited to be breaking ground on a water conveyance works in the of Fall 2018.

The trips are usually 3 to 4 days of camping, working, eating, socializing… We think it is a well it’s a worthwhile project, one we are lucky to be involved with.

Campus – Edible Campus Aquaponics Garden

We are working to build a aquaponics garden here on campus, through the SCIF program.  Aquaponics is a closed agriculture system which cycles fish and aquaculture waste-waster into a garden where it is used as fertilizer, cleaned, and cycled back into a fish pond.  This project is about putting one here on campus, in partnership with the RoboUtes, and Edible Campus Gardens.  The Edible Campus Aquaponics Garden is an experiment in creating sustainable food sources that can meet industrial (or at least a single community’s worth) needs. Reach out to Dylan Wooton for more information at wootton.dylan