• Chosco, Bolivia Water Distribution Project

Welcome To Engineers Without Borders at
The University of Utah!

We stand as a student run, nonprofit humanitarian organization established to support long term community-driven
development programs domestically and worldwide. EWB's projects focus on improving and building infrastructure
needs related to water, renewable energy, sanitation and empowering the community through STEM education. 

Thank you for your interest in the Student Chapter of EWB at  the University of Utah!

Leadership Team

  • President: Emily Innis
  • Vice President: Eric Humphrey
  • Treasurer & Fundraising Director: Lani McKinnon
  • Marketing & Communications Director: Kristen Carter
  • Recruitment & Onboarding Directors: Eric Humphrey & Andrew Meldrum
  • Partnership Coordinator: Mateo Ismodes
  • Technical Lead: Andrew Meldrum
  • Sustainability Lead: Sam Nelson
  • Faculty Adviser:
  • Professional Engineer In Charge: Larry Milner
  • Advising Professional Engineers: Patrick Stewart, Brian Harris, Colin Miller